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As a team, we have resolved to help address the difficulties that are faced by psychology students. Below is a guide on what you must do;

 Keep in mind you have a target reader. Your role is to write, and your instructor will read and award marks.  It’s therefore very important to be very clear in your paper. The reader should not strain as they make sense of what your paper is about. Be sure to make every word, sentence, paragraph, and the entire paper simple in a way that it can easily be understood by any person. Clarity is key. Sign up to website, you will be equipped with the skills to write clearly or buy research papers online that match your needs.

Be brief, being concise cannot be overemphasized. Quality papers are not determined by the length of sentences, paragraphs, or the number of pages.  Briefly and comprehensively explain your thoughts/findings. This helps maintain the attention of your reader.

Extensive research is crucial for psychology papers. This means you have to read other researcher’s work, to build on your research paper but also come up with new findings.  In other writings, quoting of other researchers’ findings is allowed but in psychology you only cite the source that has immense contribution to your work. Also, to note is that, you should only use repetitive words when you want the reader to get a clear picture of your argument.

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 What are the common types of papers in psychology?

This is a very important question to answer. By knowing the kind of assignment, you are there, you will easily know the approach to use.  In a psychology class, you will be expected to write a paper on either or all of the following areas; research articles. Research applications, literature reviews, or grant proposals.  In most cases, you will be tasked to write a report on the research you have conducted or a literature review.  These papers are similar in that they follow the general rules of writing and their difference only seen in their format style. Each of these segments is discussed below to aid you in understanding how to go about each.

Original research

 This is a report or an empirical paper that provides all the detail of the research you conducted.  It is written to discuss the findings of a psychology experiment and usually follows an APA format. It has several segments which include; abstract, introduction, methodologies, findings, discussion and references.  This part should follow the same sequence and are discussed below.



This is a brief and comprehensive summary of the research proposal. By reading it, the reader can quickly understand the purpose of your research and. It is made up of a few sentences with 150 or fewer words and usually written on a separate page.


Your introduction introduces your topic or question to the reader for the first time. You also bring to the attention of the reader, why the question, background information of your question, and a description of any previous study/research relevant to your study.   Your introduction must also state the hypothesis of the study. Settle on a strong hypothesis that is debatable and demonstrate how you will gather evidence to support it.


This section of your paper discusses the methods that you intend to use or used to gather your data as well as the research participants, materials, and procedures. The choice of your method determines the outcome of the process. Also, when explaining the methods, you applied, APA style is preferred. If experiencing challenges with APA formatting style you are allowed to buy research papers online that are correctly formatted from

Findings/expected findings

In psychology unlike other papers, data is key.  Descriptions and opinions are not enough. You must present your findings numerically. Clearly and empirically represent your findings or your expected outcomes. Also, show how the data was analyzed


Discuss the findings, focusing on the following aspects. How are they related to your research, are they in support of your hypothesis, are there differences between the results and your predictions, effects of the findings in real-life situations, how do they support or differ with the existing theories or findings relating to the study area.


This is the last page of your paper that provides the reader with a list of all the sources of your work. Use the right format which is APA style.

Literature review in psychology and how to write one.

Literature reviews are common assignments in such a case, you must do rigorous research to find relevant sources of existing research done in your study area. it’s vital to note that you do not only review literature but you must also discover new insights and ideas. As you write your literature use credible sources that must be peer-reviewed before. You must also not use other reviews, be original. Once your research is satisfying, develop a thesis statement.

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Your literature review will be structured as follows;


It must focus on; the significance of the topic, topic background, findings relating to your topic, and the thesis statement.


The body discusses the evidence that supports your claim.  It must also explain relevant researches conducted in the past.  Evaluate and compare each of these studies to your study.


Draw your conclusion and demonstrate its impact on the existing or future studies on the topic. Give a summary too of your work and restate the thesis statement.

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