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Short Essay on the Importance of Education in societies today ( in terms of bringing about social changes and breaking barriers).


Education plays a critical role in bringing about social change and development (Coffey, 2001). Social change occurs when humans transform existing social institutions and networks in order to address existing problems more effectively. The knowledge that people acquire through education enables them to bring about this institutional transformation. When a person becomes educated, his attitude towards the world changes, thus enabling him to view social relationships from different perspectives. This enables him to appreciate various challenges affecting society and to support progressive community initiatives.


            This in-depth un-depth understanding of the role of education in bringing about social change greatly inspired me to pursue and successfully graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. It is also the main source of inspiration in my present efforts to pursue an accelerated BS nursing program. As a psychology graduate, wife of ten years, and mother of two, I have learned many things about contemporary problems affecting society and the need for social change. Whenever I see entire communities struggling with health problems, I get the feeling that the struggle would be less tormenting if everyone played a part, albeit a small one, in contributing to overall social wellness. Incidentally, becoming a nurse has always been my cherished dream. This means that pursuing a nursing career will put me in a strategic position where I can influence positive social change as a healthcare professional.

            Education also enables people to break barriers. I have on many occasions made this observation whenever I reflect on how education has transformed my life. For example, the education that I acquired during the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in psychology has enabled me to handle family problems, navigate challenging situations in the public space, and most importantly, seek new educational and economic opportunities. Without education, it would have been difficult for me to push through with the current application for an accelerated BS nursing program. Although I had to put my plans to pursue a BS nursing program on hold to attend to my family life, I did not give up on my dream of becoming a career nurse because of my belief in the power of education to break barriers.

In today’s rapidly changing society, the pursuit of education offers the best opportunity for both career success as well as phenomenal changes at both personal and social realms. The accelerated BS nursing program is the unique educational opportunity that I have identified after a long period of soul-searching. During this time, I focused on the twin objectives of breaking barriers to achieve career success and contributing to social wellness by joining the community of professional nurses in the noble duty of delivering healthcare services.

As I submit this application, I would like to reiterate my commitment to the moral duty of making a difference in people’s lives. As a corollary, I believe that this is the best time for me to start playing a more proactive role in society as a healthcare professional. My justification for this timing is that with happy marriage life, a son aged 9 years and a daughter aged 3 months, I have already laid down a solid foundation on the family front and that the next logical step should be the pursuit of my long-cherished nursing career. Moreover, as a psychology graduate, I am already acquainted with foundational aspects of higher education. This intellectual grounding gives me a lot of confidence regarding the ability to pursue the accelerated BS nursing program.


Coffey, A. (2001). Education and social change. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

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