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All you need to know about the Analytical essay

Analytical essays are a common type of assignment. The students are expected to present an argument and then analyze it thoroughly.  It’s more than just giving a synopsis of the work, you need to analyze, critique, and interpret a work’s key arguments are and why they are so. This means that you will go beyond the surface to look at the themes, the style, presentation, and support of the arguments as well as the use of literary devices. Some students are likely to confuse this type of easy with a persuasive or argumentative essay. There is such a big difference. Analytical essays don’t use strong persuasive language as their role is not to woe the reader but to just to have enough details to support your claim.


This kind of assignment poses a challenge for many students but with’s analytical essay help, we believe that all assignments are doable as long as there is a guide to refer to and also a writing partner. This article aims at providing the students with a step by step approach to handling an analytical essay assignment.

Analytical essays have are structured like any other typical essay, they have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  All you need to do is to have a strong thesis stating your main arguments, an analysis that is connected to the thesis, and that supports it and examples that supports the analysis giving an opportunity to have an in-depth focus on the subject matter.

Preparing for your essay

To achieve the goal of your writing, preparation is important before you get into writing. For your analytical essay, prepare by:

Find the centre of your analytical essay

 Every student should keep in mind that they are supposed to represent a solid opinion or in-depth analysis of an issue. This can be a movie, event, and article, or a problem.  For this reason, it’s crucial to decide on the focus of your analysis which must be supported by facts.

Decide on what to write about

After you you have chosen to concentrate on a given area, the next step is to pick on a suitable topic for your analytical essay. If the topic has been given, you will definitely move on to the next step. If the assigned topic is broad, you will have to narrow down to a more specific focus hence choosing a topic for your paper. You must be careful as the choice will determine how easy or difficult it will be like analyzing your work. In addition, before you settle on a topic, you should do a preliminary search to make sure the available information is enough to support your analysis.

Write a thesis statement

A thesis is a very crucial piece of your entire paper. It summarizes your main arguments and purpose of your work. It should be simple, clear, and direct such that by reading it alone the reader can understand what your essay is all about and what you will be analyzing. Your thesis should be strong and debatable, for analytical essay help on how to choose a topic and formulate a strong thesis, seek professional academic writing services from

Look for addition evidence/ Research

This is where you research for information that makes your work analytical.  You should revise the materials you are working on and highlight any statement that approves your thesis.  The idea is to have as many details as possible to maintain your claim. As you go through the material, you can list all the points that you think are relevant to your thesis and then choose the strongest ones for your analysis.

Write an outline

 A plan will help you structure your essay and ease writing. Generally, an analytical essay will have an introduction, a three or four paragraph body, and a conclusion. Outlines are a very vital element for successful writing, if you desire to learn how to create an effective outline for all your essays, all you need is’s analytical essay help that is affordable to all students.


It should have a hook, background information and a thesis statement


The body consists of your analysis with each paragraph discussing a single point.  Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, a supporting sentence, a summarizing sentence, and a transitional sentence.


Briefly summarize your work by reiterating the main ideas, restating your thesis statement, and your final thoughts on the analysis.


Writing your essay

With an outline, it’s now time to write your analytical essay.  Below are basic guidelines for writing effectively:

Write an introduction

 The main role of an introduction is to give an overview of your work by presenting the basic information. It’s a major determinant of whether the reader will spare their precious time to read through the entire work. Make the reader know the purpose and significance of the analysis.  You should be creative to make your introduction exciting to hook the reader. Your introduction should highlight the main points, background information, and end with a thesis statement presented in the clearest, concise, briefly but comprehensive manner.

Write the body

 This is the main meat of the essay. Made of several paragraphs depending on the length of the paper, it should be easy to read and understand. There should be a logical flow and coherent to avoid confusing the reader. It consists of arguments, analysis, and facts to support the analysis. Therefore, each of the paragraphs should comprehensively discuss a single point.

 The structure of the sentence should be as follows:

  • An introductory sentence or the topic sentence that introduces the point to be discussed,
  • A sentence that contains the text being analyzed,
  • A sentence that contains the evidence that supports the analysis and the thesis statement,
  • A sentence that summarizes the paragraph showing how it falls back to your thesis.

As you write the body paragraphs, you have the thesis in mind so that all the analysis and evidence links to it.

Write the conclusion

Your conclusion wraps up your essay.  It should briefly summarize the main points of the paper.  Use it to remind the reader of what your arguments and proofs were, your thesis statement,   and how your ideas, proofs are connected to the thesis as well as your opinion based on the analysis.  Your conclusion should also be clear, simple, and paraphrased. Don’t repeat the words that have been used in the introduction or the body. Make it new but remember not to introduce any new argument.

The ability to write a great introduction, body, and conclusion is indispensable. You must know how to structure, organize your essay logically and coherently, present your arguments clearly, to deliver the intended information, and to make the reader get the point of your work without a struggle. We encourage students to seek academic writing services whenever they encounter an obstacle in their writing.  Our team of writers is available 24/7, not only for analytical essay help but also for any other academic need you may have.


Check your essay for any spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes

 No teacher will award good grades for an essay full of errors. Edit your work thoroughly and then proofread to ensure it’s error-free. Make sure every word is correctly spelled, sentences well-capitalized and punctuated. This may require you to seek a second opinion from a professional editor, a friend, and a mentor or family member.

Check to see all your sources are well cited and integrated

As you write your body, it’s important to understand where to use quotes and where to use your own thoughts. For any quote or paraphrased text, make sure it’s correctly cited to avoid plagiarism charges. A plagiarized essay will earn you low marks or even cause you to suffer severe consequences. If you are unable to produce 100% original work, get analytical essay help from’s professional writers. There are also online plagiarism checkers to ensure you submit original analytical essays.

Read your essay aloud

 This helps you to identify any gap in the flow of your essay. It also helps you figure out any mistakes on the choice of your words, sentence and paragraphs construction, and transitions.

Your essay check list

Check to see that:

  • Your thesis, analysis, and evidence are linked
  • You are clear, brief and comprehensive in your presentation
  • There is a clear distinction between your ideas and those of the sources, with your ideas taking the larger share of the entire paper.
  • Your structure and format style is well done
  • Use of formal language and passive voice
  • Don’t use 1st person pronoun unless asked to give your opinion.

Analytical essay writing requires critical analysis skills. Lack of skill is what limits many students from writing effective essays. However, it’s an art that one can learn through our essay writing services.  If you need analytical essay help, to upgrade your writing and analytical skills sign up at and you will have an expert take you through a tutorial

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