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Writing a research proposal may seem like a difficult task. It’s not. Here’s why.

 Writing a research proposal is one task that many students dread about. Some students have written a research proposal before; for others, this is a first-time experience. Regardless of your status, this article takes you through the key steps for writing great research proposals with ease. It also sets out to change the widely spread narrative that writing a proposal is an overwhelmingly difficult activity. Also, if you need a research proposal help, when writing your thesis, dissertation, or capstone project, we have highly qualified and experienced professional writers to help with all your writing needs.


To write an outstanding research proposal, you not only need a good idea, but also the ability to skillfully, concisely, and clearly explain the idea to your audience in a way that convinces them about the significance of your proposed project to your larger field and academic program. It should outline the problem to be investigated, justify the problem using relevant literature, and also highlight how you will collect and analyze the data. But you may wonder where to get the idea from, it is simple. You may choose to go through a list of proposal topics available on the internet or printed sources in your college library. Alternatively, you can seek a research proposal help from and an expert will guide you through the process of choosing a suitable topic for your proposal.

Many students present poorly written research proposals, not because they cannot write better, but because of mistakes that can be avoided. To write a brilliant research proposal for your next assignments, you should consider the following tips.

Carefully read and understand the instruction

 The first step to producing an effective research proposal is to understand the requirements of the assignment. Failing to understand the instruction means that you will write a proposal that is totally different from what your professor expects and that doesn’t address the intended purpose.  According to the standard guidelines, your proposal should have a title, background information, rationale, research question, methodology or research design, work plan, and a bibliography. Also, to consider is the format style and length which will be dependent on the discipline and the instructor. At, we recommend that students use our research proposal help to understand the question and instructions before they start writing.

Break your plan into points

Before you start writing, determine whether to have headings and subheadings based on the length of the entire proposal. For each of the heading or subheading, be sure to have an introduction to it and some points to be discussed.

Keep the audience/ reviewers in mind

 This is very important for successful writing. As you prepare and get ready to work on your proposal, you should have the reader in mind.  In other words, your argument should be clear, straightforward, concise, and easy to follow. After the topic, get straight into the purpose of the proposal. In addition, include all the keywords and information that need to be emphasized.


Make an impact

Your proposal should have a hook to capture and maintain the interests of the reviewers from the first sentence. In any case, no one has time to spend on a boring essay.   The value and strength of your proposal should be felt through the introduction to the end.  This can be achieved by presenting the main argument in a clear manner for easy understanding, demonstrating the innovativeness and value of your project with an interesting idea and a research question.

Be explicit about your proposal

As you write your paper, explicitly state the purpose and importance of your research proposal. Mention and explain all the areas of interest being addressed in your work as well as how your research proposal will contribute to the issue or problem you are presenting to it. You should make sure that the relevance of your work and objectives are clearly connected if you want the readers to consider your work as the winning proposal in addressing the issue.

Demonstrate that your research is feasible

Your research proposal should be a clear indication that you can successfully conduct research. Besides you also want to show that the environment you have chosen for research will help you achieve your goals. The feasibility of your research also shows the magnitude of the impact it will have and the need to be taken seriously.

Have a plan of work and schedule

 A work plan and schedule are important elements that need to be outlined in a research proposal. You should state the various phases and corresponding timelines for developing and implementing your research as well as writing your project.  The time taken to complete your research will be dependent on whether you are a full time or part-time student and having a work plan and schedule helps you have everything done at the right time.

Include a discussion on the limitations and problems

For every research, there are limitations or problems that the researcher is likely to encounter.  It is therefore imperative to mention the possible problem that you might encounter.  Also include an explanation of how you will deal with the challenges, the approach, and methodology through which the research will address the issues at hand. Besides, be keen to point out some questions and issues that your research may leave an answered.

Research proposal structure

With the understanding of what to include in your research proposal, the other important thing is to understand the structure of the proposal. The structure plays a very essential role in the logical organization of the ideas.  Your structure should therefore have the following:


The abstract

An abstract is a very crucial part of a research proposal. It briefly and comprehensively summarizes the proposal. It includes the background of the research, its purpose, methods, and possible conclusions. Asan overview of the research, it should be clear and simple to read and understand. By looking at the abstract the reader should have a clear picture of what is in the proposal without necessarily reading it. If you are struggling with creating a great abstract for your work, you should not hesitate to contact our call center for research proposal help at any time.


 This section consists of the background information, problem statement, research question, objectives, and rationale of the study.   Your rationale should clearly show the existing research gap that your work will fill and how it will do it.

Literature review

 This is a critical review and evaluation of other scholar’s work related to the subject, it should show how much has been done regarding the study, the gaps, strengths, weaknesses as well as giving you a foundation to discuss your findings. Also, in your literature review, include both the theoretical and conceptual framework of the research. Locating credible literature and preparing a literature review is a challenge to some students especially due to the inability to critic each source. If you encounter difficulties in this section, visit for affordable research proposal help.


This segment of your research proposal describes the steps to be taken in answering the research question. Identify the research design to be adopted in terms of sample selection, data collection, and data analysis techniques. Give an explanation of why the method was chosen, the strengths, and a section highlighting ethical considerations.

Work schedule

 This is a plan or timeline indicating the different tasks to be carried out to ensure completion of the project and the time each will take.  With a plan, you can successfully meet the deadlines and schedule meetings with your supervisor.


Lists all the sources cited within the text depending on the format style acceptable to the institution or discipline.


 In this section, capture the instruments of data collection. This could be a questionnaire, interview questions, or any other instrument. Depending on the instructions, some faculties want the forms attached to the appendices.


By now you must have realized how writing a research proposal is easy. You are only required to understand the instruction, know what to write where and how from our research proposal help that is offered by professional writers. In addition, feel free to sign up at website to learn more about successful academic writing.

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