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How to write an effective review for a scholarly article

An article review is a summary of the article’s main ideas, positions, arguments, findings which is followed by a critique on the contribution of the article in the field and its effectiveness. Article reviews are written to an audience who has knowledge on the subject under discussion. Your description and analysis of the article should satisfy the reader. Provide enough information so the reader won’t have to go about looking for the articles used in your work. In a class, the instructor will ask the students to review the works of the experts in their field. For a convincing article review, you can choose to buy article reviews online from Also, to write an effective review for a scholarly article, here are simple but basic guidelines.



Understand what an article review is

From the definition, it’s a summary and evaluation of the article’s main ideas, arguments, findings, and position. It is written to an audience who is knowledgeable in the field. It’s important to point out that;

They represent more than one idea, and your goal is to provide a response to the scholarly ideas in the article basing on your own research, theory, and ideas. Also, your critique of the article must be from your own thoughts, reasoning, and supporting evidence.

  • The focus is on the author’s research as presented in the article.
  • It should summarize and provide an evaluation of the article.

Think of how to organize your work

Before you start your reading, think about the organization of your review. This helps you understand how you will read the article and also write effectively. Your set should be as follows:

  • Summary of the article which focuses on the main points and claims.
  • Discussion of the positive elements of the article as presented by the author.
  • Discussion of the gaps, inconsistencies, and any unanswered questions.

Preview the article

Conduct a preliminary study on the article and be keen on the: title, abstract, introduction, headings, subheadings, opening sentences, body paragraphs, conclusion, reference sources as well as the author’s authority. The study helps you to pick on the writer’s arguments and main ideas. After this, read the whole article focusing on the author’s bigger picture. As you preview the article be sure to:

  • Note any words or issues that you don’t understand.
  • Highlight any term or concepts you are unfamiliar with.

Read the article more closely

Spend time on the article for a second, a third, or fourth time to have a clear understanding of the article’s main points. As you read point out important texts, main points, and their supporting information. You can use a marker to highlight or have a pen and a paper to write some notes. 

  • Highlight the central points only and where appropriate, add notes, and do a cross-reference with other articles talking about your topic.
  • Relate what you have read from the article with your topic, class notes, lectures, or other articles that you have come across and cover your topic. Think about how the article agrees or contradict with your knowledge on the subject matter, how does it build the knowledge in the field?  Also, consider whether the author is biased and persuasive.
  • Make sure you clearly understand the meaning or purpose of the article to write effectively
  • Consider the article’s audience.  If you are unable to capture what the author wanted to achieve through their work,  hire our essay writing services which give you an opportunity to buy article reviews online that are original, unique, and of the highest quality.


Put the article into your own words

Create an outline or free written paragraphs with a clear and logical structure using your own words and be sure to concentrate on the arguments, claim and the main point the article is driving at.

In your outline:

  • Restate the article’s main points and supporting arguments,
  • Decide the area of the article that you want to major your review on, this could be; the content, methodologies, style, presentation, and interpretation of the evidence or any other part of the article.

Review your summary outline and delete every irrelevant detail. Remove all weak arguments to have a strong draft of your review.

 Create your evaluation/ critique outline

From the presented points, determine if the author was clear and accurate.  As you do this, note the strengths and weaknesses of the article in addressing the subject. The strength could be on the clarity in how the arguments have been presented, researched, and supported while the weakness could be a gap or failure to provide solution on a problem that the author identified. Compare the findings and facts of your study and the one in the article without bias. To provide a strong critique in your review, seek to answer the following questions:

  • What is the objective of the article?
  • What are the assumptions / theoretical framework of the article?
  • Are the main points clearly defined?
  • Is the provided evidence adequate?
  • How do the work fit in the larger field and other pieces of literature on the subject matter?
  • Does it build on the knowledge of the subject?
  • Is the author clear in their work?

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This is the time you have been waiting for, writing your review. When writing consider the following:

Create a title

Article review title should reflect on your focus. It can be descriptive, interrogative or declarative.

Cite the article

 Just below the title, cite provide a proper and a complete citation of the article under review. Immediately start your essay without skipping a line after the citation.  How you cite the article and other sources in your work depends on your subject conventions.  For more information on the different format styles, get assignment help from our experts. Besides, for all papers that you order from us, they are well-formatted and that’s why you should buy article reviews online that are affordable and customized to your specific needs from professional writers.

Identify the article

Begin your essay by stating the title of the article or journal, author and the year of publication in the first paragraph.


Write your introduction

Article review’s introduction usually has an identification sentence, the central points, arguments and claims, and the objective of the author. Also, state the thesis of the article, and if not clearly defined in the article, determine it, author’s background information and an overview of other relevant scholarship

The length of your introduction should be 10- 25% of the entire review.

Conclude your introduction by a thesis statement. Your thesis should be based on the issue you want to address the article and must be backed with evidence and a well-thought analysis. Keep in mind that your introduction should be clear, concise, and precise as well as attention-grabbing.

The body

The body of your article should have several paragraphs depending on the expected length as stated by the instructor. It should;

Summarize the article

Briefly explain the main points, findings, and arguments as represented in the article in your own words to avoid plagiarism. The reader is interested in your findings, as much as you are reviewing the article, don’t copy-paste the content in the article. In such assignments, it’s easy to plagiarize knowingly or unknowingly, to avoid even the slightest possibility of plagiarism, read more on plagiarism, types, consequences, and how to avoid this academic dishonesty from Clearly demonstrate how the author supports his/ her claims and the conclusion of the article. Remember to refer to your draft of the summary to make sure everything is captured. In addition, use paraphrased texts and if you have to quote the author, do it sparingly.

Bear the critique or evaluation

From the drafted outline of evaluation, discuss how the author tackled the issue.  In this regard, state your thoughts and opinions on the arguments, importance of the article, and its objectivity.  Whether you agree or disagree with the author, you should show why and have evidence to support your reasons. Make sure your own arguments are coherent to form a strong thesis. For a strong critique:

  • Give adequate evidence from the article or other articles.
  • Present each argument in the clearest and simple way possible.
  • At this point, just provide an assessment of the article.
  • For each opinion, use a topic sentence and supportive arguments.

Conclude your review

The conclusion wraps the entire work. Restate the main points in the article, followed by your opinions in a summary form. Be sure to also mention the implications of the research and suggest further research or discussion on the subject and field.  Also, restate your thesis statement. Your conclusion should be about 10% of the entire paper.

Edit and proofread

Reread your essay to:

  • Check for grammar, spelling, and unnecessary words, and phrases, clarity, logic, cohesion.
  • Make sure you have discussed 3-4 main points in the article but this will depend on the length of the essay.
  • Make sure your thesis is clear and well supported by adequate and reliable evidence from credible sources.
  • Ensure the format and style is correct depending on your discipline

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