Personal Statement Assignment

My Greatest Strengths

My greatest strength is in the ability to understand how technology is being applied in health care. I am deeply interested in the adoption of medical technologies, particularly telemedicine and health informatics to improve health outcomes for everyone. I am a strong believer in the power of these medical technologies in bridging the existing divide in access to health care. In this divide, the rich have tended to have greater access to medical services while the poor have largely remained marginalized from the available health care facilities.


Areas Where I Need to Improve

I feel that I need to improve my understanding in three major areas: the concept of risk management as well as their application in health care, how market forces are contributing to rising health care costs, and how success in universal health care insurance coverage can be achieved in today’s uncertain economic environment.

Accomplishments in Strategic and Critical Thinking

I feel that I am doing fairly well as far as critical thinking is concerned. I understand very many things about the current situation in health care. Some of them include legal and political factors influencing delivery of care, the positive effects of technological advancements on health care, and the role of leadership in promoting efficiency in health care.

The Evolution of My Ethical and Personal Perspectives since the Start of the Program

Since starting this program, I have started paying a lot of attention to ethical issues. For the first time, I fully embrace the idea that access to affordable health care is a fundamental human right. I personally feel that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the existing policies, laws, and regulations contributed to improved access to and efficiency in the delivery of care to everyone in society.

Areas Where I Can Achieve Improvements through the Setting of Personal Goals

The three areas where I believe I can achieve improvement through the setting of personal goals include promoting my understanding of the management of quality and risk in health care, analyzing the influence of market forces on health care costs, and an investigation of how the goal of access to health insurance within the whole population can be achieved. the overarching personal goal that would enable me make these improvements is that of ensuring that I make a meaningful contribution to the government’s objective of ensuring that everyone in society has access to efficient and affordable health care.

 GoalHow to accomplish itThe persons involvedWhen it should be accomplishedResources neededObstacles that may ariseHow to overcome those obstacles?
Goal 1      I want to understand how telemedicine and health informatics can be used to increase health care access to the poorI will visit health care institutions that are employing these technologies to learn more about their benefits.Myself, the medical professionals using these technologies, and patients who have benefited or hope to benefit from them.I hope to have sought views from all major state hospitals using these technologies across the country.I need sponsorship from non-governmental organization and interest groups that are keen to promote the goal of technological adoption in health care.Some employee and patients are likely to withhold information due to privacy concerns and fear of reprisals from authoritiesI will reassure the participants of the privacy and confidentiality of all the information that they will provide.
Goal 2I want to understand how market forces affect health care costsI will analyze recent scholarly journals on changes in health care costs vis-à-vis changes in market conditionsI will be the only one involved in the analysisI will carry out the analysis within three months.I will need to online libraries and academic databases.It will sometimes be difficult to verify the authenticity of data and informationI will seek corroboration of facts from diverse credible sources.
Goal 3I am interested in knowing how my country can achieve the goal of access to health insurance within the whole populationI will undertake a study on how different countries have succeeded in the goal of health insurance.I will only be the one involved in the study.I will have completed the study within five months.I will rely heavily on comparative case studies of specific countries.I may easily get overwhelmed by a huge volume of data.I will set up a schedule and strictly adhere to it throughout the study.
Goal 4I intend to know how leadership and management skills in political and policymaking circles can be deployed to facilitate the establishment of laws and regulations that promote access to health care to efficient and affordable health care for the entire populationI will actually get down to the task of perfecting and exercising my leadership and management abilitiesI will be working hand in hand with other leaders in different health care facilitiesThis is a long-term activity that may take up to three years to obtain resultsI will require institutional support, advice from interest groups, and cooperation from diverse stakeholders such as professional associations and leaders across the political divide.The biggest obstacle will be lack of political will at both institutional and national levels.I intend to overcome this obstacle through aggressive political mobilization of like-minded leaders and managers towards the goal of ensure that they rally behind my goal.
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