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Select a company and in a 275-word response, identify what you believe are the company’s “listening post” (key opportunities) for getting feedback from the external environment. Could the company expand its listening post? How?


External Feedback: Dell Inc.

            Dell’s mission is to be the most successful IT systems company in the world. Achieving this objective brings the need for the company to acquire feedback from their external environment as they continue to deliver the best customer experience. The aim of this paper is to identify the company’s listening to getting feedback from the external environment and find a method the company can use to expand this listening post.

            The company places a high value on its customers as the main focus of its mission statement is to deliver the best customer experience. This is done through the open communications the company has with its customers based on what they need. The customer feedback tool has enabled the company to directly communicate with their customers and respond to their needs by delivering the right products. The company also uses social media, for example, Facebook and Twitter, to get reviews from customers and recommendations for future products (Hitt, Ireland & Hockission 46).

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            The other aspects of the external environment that Dell should focus on include government, national and international economies, technology, and various social groups within the target markets (Marcus 39). To expand its listening post, Dell should put more focus on this area while also maintaining its market share in the prevailing business conditions particularly in response to high competition. For instance, the company should monitor changes in tax policies put in place by the government. Such changes may affect the sale prices which may reduce their sales. In responding to the international economic environment, Dell should develop computers that meet the needs of citizens in different countries depending on the technological advancement in these countries. This will enable it to maintain and possibly even expand its market share. Dell should also use social media more aggressively in receiving customer reviews and comments. Feedback from the external environment is important in directing the strategies that Dell will use to achieve its mission statement.

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