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A literature review is a summary of existing research on a particular topic or field. The research is scholarly in nature. It is a form of academic writing and used in humanities, sciences, or social sciences. A literature review can stand alone or be part of a research project. Important to note is that literature reviews are not research papers. Wondering who can Write My Essay for Me? We can.


The differences are very clear, while research papers comprise of new arguments and original contributions from the writer, literature reviews present existing research. Literature reviews act as secondary sources of data. When using a literature review in your research project, you are basically acknowledging other people’s work that relates to your topic of study.

Also, to note is that a literature review is not a bibliography. while a bibliography only lists the sources of your work, a literature review will go ahead to critically evaluate those sources and provide a summary.

A literature review is different from a book review or other known reviews as it is not subjective.  While in book reviews you are subjective in giving your opinion about the text, literature reviews do more of assessing and summarizing the text or work from an objective view.

Literature reviews require more than just simple reading. It is an exercise that needs to be extensively and critically done to evaluate the sources.

Why a literature review and why Mycourseworkhelp.com?

Justify your research

As stated earlier that a literature review can be written as a part of a larger research project, it shows why your research is of importance. As you give a summary of the existing research to your research question, it helps you demonstrate your agreement, disagreement, the gaps, and any answered questions from the researches. In any case, the cause for your research topic may have emerged from the answered questions.

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Demonstrate your expertise

Writing a literature review is a rigorous exercise. You really need to read and research significantly. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your research skills and confirm you own the research and you did it yourself. Better still, forget about worrying about things such as “Write My Essay for Me” and head straight to Mycourseworkhelp.com for expert assistance.

Join the conversation

Academic writing and scholarly researches are continuous. It is a process that never stops. There are researches that are always conducted across the globe and in different fields. When you write a literature review, you become part of the team and also give others the chance to look at your work and the cycle continues.


With the value that the literature review adds to your academic success, it’s very essential that you should know how to write one. MyCourseworkhelp.com provides you with tips to generating a successful literature review.

Literature review writing tips.

Before you write, be keen to understand that literature review styles can differ from one subject to the other. This said and done, its also vey important to know that they should be thoroughly researched and organized in a logical manner. To write effectively, follow the following tips;

Seek clarification

Read the instructions carefully and where clarity is needed, talk to your instructor. Seek to understand the following;

  • The number of sources you need to include.
  • Types of sources. Should you use books, websites, journal articles, etc.
  • Do you need to give a summary, analysis, or critique of your sources?
  • Is the evaluation of the sources required?
  • Should your work include subheadings and any other relevant background information?

 When it is clear,

Find models

Look for other literature reviews in your area of interest, topic, or subject and read them. By so doing, you are in a position to get a sense of what to focus on in your own research and how to organize your work.  You can use different academic search engines and databases available.

Choose a topic with a limited scope

As our writing team at Mycourseworkhelp.com can attest, the field of academic /scholarly research is very wide. This explains why many students searching for internet search terms like “Write My Essay for Me” are actually interested in literature review help. With this knowledge, its advisable you to choose a subject that is narrow in scope and broaden it in the process of research. The challenge of a wide topic is that the process of research will appear to be unending.  As you research for your literature review, you might come across a thousand of the result, don’t worry, you only need to narrow down.

Take notes

As you conduct your research take notes in an organized way. You can also use literature grid as this will help you organize your notes and keep check of what you are reading. The grid helps you note and record very crucial information and the main findings from the sources you have picked. As you write, refer to your notes for additional information regarding the sources.

Pay attention to patterns and trends

Be keen to identify emerging trends from your sources. This can be a discovery of two or more clear researches that are related to your research question. You might also note that the existing claims about your question have shifted greatly over the last decade. These discoveries will determine the structure of your literature review but in cases where they are not found, choose the most appropriate structure for your topic. However, the basic structure of your literature will consist of the following parts.

Introduction/background information. It quickly gives the topic idea such as the theme of the literature review.

Body.  You need to discuss your sources in an organized way. This can be done

Chronologically- sources according to date of publication.

Thematically- organized around a specific issue or topic

 Methodologically- Basing on the methods used by the researcher.

 By trend- According to the changes that takes place within a given period.

 By publication- If there has been a dissection in practices of the researcher.

Conclusion. Discuss your findings from the reviewed literatures.

Finally, writing a literature review is a daunting task that calls for diligence in every step. It is also time-consuming as you are supposed to research widely. When searching for “Write My Essay for Me” with a literature review in mind, be sure to use the most trusted writing service – Mycourseworkhelp.com. As you handle your assignments, consider the previous researches and the future researches relating to your topic bearing in mind that its not a mere assignment but a contribution to the future of your study area.

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