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A Scholar’s Guide to Writing the Ideal English Paper

Essay writing may not be a new experience for many students.  However, your encounter with the university English essay will be a new experience. The difference is on the kind of information that you should include in your paper, the organization, the structure, style, sources and need to do a critical reading before you embark on writing. Despite the differences, you need not to worry because the aim of this guide is to discuss what you need to write an ideal English paper for your assignment.  Carefully study it and ask any question that may be troubling you when it comes to wringing your literature essay from Also, we provide a fast, reliable, and 24/7 availability platform to allow you to Buy Custom English Paper for all your assignments and levels.


When writing your essay, it is important to know what your instructor will look at and use to grade your essay. These areas include:

  • Relevance in your work given the subject
  • A clearly defined line of argument
  • Accurate and appropriate illustrations or evidence
  • Your mastery of the relevant background material which shows your independence, broad and thorough reading.
  • Your ability to locate, use and integrate sources in your work
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Comprehensive and correct citations as well as a reference list of cited works
  • Adherence to other instructions such as the number of words, style, and others.

How to plan and organize your paper

Taking time to carefully plan your essay is a key step to a great essay. Start to think about your essay as early a possible to allow enough time for planning, drafting, rewriting, and proofreading.  Do not write the essay the night before the deadline. But, why is it necessary that you plan and create enough time for your essay? The answer is simple; essay writing is a process that involves the following steps and each should be given enough time.

1. Choosing a topic and formulating a thesis statement

2. Analyzing the topic

3. Finding the sources, doing research and close reading

4. Creating the plan of your essay/outlining

5. Drafting the essay

6. Revising and proofreading

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Essay structure

 A scholarly paper for your English assignment should present a coherent argument that engages the reader.  To do this, it should be a conversation that has a well thought and reasoned argument and not just a reflection of the material or topic. Therefore, the basic structure of your essay should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.


 A good introduction is a sign of a good essay. Your introduction should be attention-grabbing to excite the reader and keep them glued till the end of the essay. It should be clear, simple, and brief. Also, the introduction should do the following: Define any key terms, give an overview of your essay, give some background information of the study, briefly discuss the purpose of your writing, why it is important, and its contribution to your field.  The purpose is often summarized by a thesis statement or research question that is strong and debatable.


The paragraphs in these sections should all contain information related to what you already stated in the introduction.  Each of the paragraphs should be well structured and must discuss one single point. It should have a topic sentence, supporting sentence, and a sentence that summarizes the paragraph linking it to the thesis.  Of great importance is to keep it clear, make sure it contributes to the main argument directly and each is well linked and transitioned.

In addition, as you write the paragraphs, remember that generalized claims will not earn your marks. Thus, personal feelings and opinions that cannot be supported by textual evidence should be avoided. Provide valid evidence from a credible source to support each assertion that you make. Be specific, give examples where necessary, and be sure to quote appropriately and provide full citation of every source of your information. Also, for every quote, make sure it is followed by its analysis or explanation equal to its length.  Citing your sources shows credibility which an important aspect of scholarly writing and you avoid charges of plagiarism. For original and unique content, Buy Custom English Paper from our professional writers at an affordable rate.


Remember we said your essay is a conversation, therefore a conversation without a closing remark will leave the audience hanging and confused. To avoid this, write a powerful conversation that convinces the reader that what you deed is worth. This doesn’t need to be done by bringing in new ideas, you only have to summarize your arguments, restate your thesis statement, put up a question that your study has elicited and state the contribution of your study to the larger field.

Independence and critical reading

The main reason your instructor will assign you a task to write an English paper, the want to assess your ability to read, understand, and think about a text critically.  As much as you are deriving from other sources, the instructor is interested in how you develop and present your own opinions and thinking about the issues raised in the question or text but not in the summary of the material. Use the ideas of other scholars to advance your own. That is, draw a clear line between your thoughts and those from outside sources. This is done through citations. If you have a problem citing your sources, get help from


Use of secondary/ critical materials

Critical materials play a crucial role in stirring your thinking and ideas about the literature you have been assigned to write about. Besides the published articles, books, class discussion, and notes, it is also imperative that you be aware of the critical discussions going on about literary issues and your field at large. So, for every text or argument, critically demonstrate to the reader why you agree, disagree with them, or why you want to develop them. Your critique should show a deep and thoughtful response as you take caution not to confuse your reader by being unable to differentiate your voice and tone from that of the other critique or writer. Many students make mistakes of not drawing the difference especially when paraphrasing, and so it is advisable to seek immediate help whenever you encounter such. In case you still cannot manage it; you can consider to Buy Custom English Paper that has all your professor is looking for.

Your style

An ideal scholarly English paper should be written in a formal style and in adherence to all conventions that relate to the field of English Literature.  For this reason, you must be conversant with the MLA format which is the most commonly used and which allows frequent use of quotes, parenthetical citation of pages, or any other style that your instructor wants you to use, ensure clarity and expressiveness of language, develop engaging and accurate arguments and be written in the present tense unless you are taking a historical approach to your literary analysis. Besides like any other essay, your English essay should:

Present meaningful and strong arguments

Use of valid evidence

Be structured in a manner that presents the arguments and evidence coherently and logically


Final checklist

Before you submit your paper conduct a final check which is also revising and proofreading your paper or hire one of our professional editors to see if:

1.You have completed the cover sheet

2.You have answered the correct question the right way

3.Your introduction is clear and serves the above-mentioned purpose

4.Focus on the body paragraphs to:

  • Ensure your points are clearly presented
  • Your arguments are developed logically
  • All arguments are systematically supported by valid evidence
  • All sources are correctly cited

5.For the conclusion, make sure it:

  • summarizes your points
  • links back to the thesis statement
  • clearly states your argument’s conclusion

6.If all the parts are excellently done, read the entire essay to ascertain the following:

  • It is readable from the introduction to the end, check for clarity.
  • The grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax is correct
  • All sources are included in the reference or work cited list
  • Your essay has the required length

For all your English assignments, observe the above tips to write outstanding and scholarly English papers. Implement them, ask questions from our team, your instructor, and make sure you place your order with to Buy Custom English Paper that is original, unique and that will earn you the highest grades.

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