Annotated bibliography

Research Paper Instructions You are required to use MLA formatting, which you can find at or click here. Because you all, as a group, have ignored my specifications on the last two papers, the rules are now stricter. If you do not adhere to the following requirements I will drop your grade an entire letter. 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced 5-7 pages standard margins (one inch all sides) your name, my name, course title, and the date in the top left header on the first page ONLY. your last name and the page number in the header on each page use italics for titles of books, magazines, newspapers, plays, albums, ships, use quotation marks for titles of articles, chapters, poems, short stories, songs an original title (one that you make up) title also 12 point, Times New Roman. No extra line spaces between header, title, and main text. use MLA style in-text citations. See examples HERE. in other words: your first page should look like this (taken from the OWL website): Do not write a history of a topic or a person: you must ARGUE A THESIS. Bad thesis: Dwight David Eisenhower served the United States as a soldier, a politician and a humanitarian. (This “thesis” will not allow you to take a position on an issue and argue your opinion.) Acceptable thesis: Although often remembered as a forceful general, Dwight David Eisenhower left his strongest legacy through presidential diplomacy, specifically through his interactions with leaders from World War II’s defeated nations. Quote a minimum of five (5) sources. None of your textbooks count as a source. Wikipedia, and all other user-generated information sites do not count as sources. Do not use sources created especially for students (as opposed to the general public). Do not quote these sources, even if you have five others. Any quotes from such sources will be considered as “blank space” in your papers. Feel free to read such sources to acquaint yourself with the topic, but do not rely on them for reliable information. Images are not required, but if you use them, you must cite them. They do not “count” toward your page length. Include a works cited page (NOT your annotated bibliography. That is not the same thing.) Plagiarism, as per school policy, will result in 35 demerits and a zero (0) on the assignment. We will devote class time to discussing plagiarism and how to avoid it. You will turn in your final draft on paper and you will upload it to You must submit your paper to Turnitin on the due date. You must turn in your graded outline (with Mrs. Greenfield’s comments) with your final paper. DUE DATES: Topic chosen: Block, January 6-7 Annotated bibliography (minimum 7 entries):Block, January 20/21: 15 points Thesis statement: Tuesday, January 19: 10 points Sentence outline (to Mrs. Greenfield): Monday, February 2 Final paper (on paper to Ms Nelson and submit to Turnitin): Friday, February 19: 100 points Your final paper will lose 10% for every day late, including weekend days. You will not pass the 3rd quarter unless you have completed this paper. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY HERE is a description of an annotated bibliography. The description includes an “assess” paragraph that we will not be doing. You may skip it. You can see an example of proper formatting HERE. Please use the MLA formatting, not the APA formatting. You must: Include 7 sources–multiple pages of the same website do not count as separate sources Alphabetize sources by first word of bibliographic entry Include: bibliographic entry — include URL (web address) the website says you don’t need them, but I say you do. Include it. Instructions for a book bibliographic entry are HERE. On that page, use the links on the left hand side to find out how to cite other types of sources. paragraph of summary paragraph of explanation for how you will use the source

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