Case Assignment

Use the scholarly literature to identify an Public Health problem that will serve as the focus of your integrative project. Select the type or form of project you wish to conduct— Program Plan and in a 3-page paper address the following:
1. What is your rationale for addressing the problem you have chosen? What contribution will examining this problem make to you professionally as you enter the field?
2. What resources will you require to complete your project? Consider in particular time required to conduct background research and acquire necessary source documents
3. To what extent was selection of this project topic and form based upon evidence from the scholarly literature? Please explain.
4. Develop and present a project timeline in which you identify all project tasks as associated timeframes for completion. Microsoft Offline Online is a good resource for obtaining free timeline templates (see This timeline should reflect at least two tasks to be completed for each week of the session.
Assignment Expectations
• You are expected to consult the scholarly literature in preparing your paper; you are also expected to incorporate relevant background readings.
• Your paper should be written in your own words. This will enable me to assess your level of understanding.
• In order to earn full credit, you must clearly show that you have read ALL required background materials.
• Be sure to cite your references in the text of all papers and on the reference list at the end.
• Proofread your paper to ensure that grammar and punctuation are correct and that each part of the assignment has been addressed clearly and completely.
Length: 3 double-spaced pages

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