Case study Organization behavior

Assessment 2: Group Assignment – Written Report on Case StudyWord limit: 1500 words per studentGroup size: 5 – 6 students per group (or at lecturer’s discretion)Value: 40%Due Date: Sunday 12 October 2014The organisational case study for this group assignment is Lion Nathan / Lion Company (seebelow). The aim of this report is to critically apply theory to examine ‘practice’. You are expected towork with the facts provided in the case. You should use the questions to guide your answers. Youshould not draw on company material extraneous to the case study provided apart from the lioncompany website and the articles provided.Group Work PlanEach group is to complete the Group Work Plan (available in Session 1 materials folder on LMS). Acopy of the plan, signed by all group members, should be submitted to your Lecturer by Session 4.Case Study Questions1. Identify the key forces for organisational change (both internal and external) at Lion Nathan/ Lion.Draw on Kotter’s eight-step plan for implementing change to analyse the change process that hasbeen implemented at Lion Nathan and Lion. Evaluate the extent to which these and other strategieswere deployed to create a ‘readiness’ for change at Lion Nathan/ Lion.2. Balogun and Hope Hailey (2008) outline key aspects of organisation that foster ‘cultural learning’and help embed the new ways of doing things. Draw on these key characteristics to identify andexplain how the new corporate culture at Lion Nathan/ Lion has been developed and deployed helpembed the new ways of doing things. What appear to be the key strengths of the new culture?3. Draw on leadership theory to explain and evaluate the attributes of the key leaders at Lion Nathan/Lion and analyse the role of leadership in influencing, directing and managing the change processat Lion Nathan and Lion. Do you believe leadership at Lion Nathan and Lion through the changesto the company over the years has been effective? What details in the case lead you to yourconclusion?4. Lion Nathan/ Lion have implemented a number of strategies to motivate employees, increase jobsatisfaction and improve performance. Draw on at least one of the theories of motivation listedbelow to explore and evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies. Provide evidence from the caseto support your response.? Equity theory? Expectancy theory? Goal setting theory,? Two-Factor (hygiene) theory.

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