different types of local government as well as their function

research and prepare a report on your local government or a subunit/department of your local government.

Identify key facts such as population, budget, and type of government structure.

Include an organization chart with comments on the chart from your perspective. 

Identify and discuss one current issue that is important to the community.

Describe the issue and why you believe it is of importance to the community.

What does this issue mean for the community? Discuss the history of the issue.

The report should have the following sections:


o A brief account of what the report contains including conclusion/recommendations 


o Brief explanation of the aims and objectives, as well as necessary background information. 

Main body

o Address the questions listed above. Include any other information you feel is pertinent to your assignment.  Recommendations

o Outline what you believe should happen. These recommendations should relate to information in your report. For example, if you feel the structure could be improved, explain why and how. How should the leaders approach the 21st century factors that impacting government and the communities?  

Reference Page

o Citations and references must follow APA format, 600 words minimum

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