Egypt in Turmoil

Egypt in Turmoil”  Please respond to the following:

Explain the causes of the turmoil in Egypt in early 2011.
Elaborate on at least two perspectives on the situation.
Appraise the prospects for the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt now that that country is in turmoil.
respond to below 50 to a 100 words keep separate from above

Mohamed Bouazizi a 26 year old from Tunisia burned in himself in December 17, 2010 frustrated with Tunisia’s job market.  His action caused bloody protestant who were equally frustrated about Tunisia’s economy.  It drove the president to leave the country.  His action also has weight into what happened in Egypt in 2011.  The Egyptian were tired of weak economy and were frustrated to see dictatorship which gained all benefits of the country to their family and people around them.  This has caused the government to shut down the Internet and the phone.  This caused other nations to lead bloody protests in Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, and other Arab nation.   Citizens in Arab nations were also frustrated about the western countries supporting the dictators also.


Muslim Brotherhood plays a huge roll on elected officials, because they are a very powerful Muslim group which was found in Egypt.  Elected officials work with them fearing to lose power if they don’t cooperate.


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