Leadership Studies Case study


There are two case studies. Each one will be answered separately on one page.

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Case Study 1

From time to time, every leader is faced with conflicts and situations that need their intervention. As the principal, it is my duty to try and resolve or find a common ground for any issues that are brought to my attention. In order to resolve these issues, I will need to observe the situation first-hand. This is best achieved by employing the low inquiry/low advocacy model, which will enable me to observe and pay attention to everything that goes on in the staffrooms and within the school, the discussions being held about the HOF and the general attitude towards her.


After gathering enough information about the general attitude towards the new HOF, I will then employ the high inquiry/ low advocacy model, which will give me room to question the reasons behind the point of view of all the other teachers. I am aware of the fact thatsince the Islamic studies teacher waspromoted to the position of the Head of Faculty (HOF), her colleagues have started feeling that she is focusing more on pointing out their mistakes rather strengths. I am also aware that the teachers are still trying to adjust to the transition of the Islamic teacher from a fellow teacher to the HOF. The best way to go about this issue is to hold a meeting where all the faculty members are present. During this meeting, the role of the HOF will be read out loud for all to analyze and seek any clarifications. This move will remind all the teachers that by analyzing their student performance records and taking a good look at their worksheets and lesson plans, the new HOF is merely doing her job. I believe that after this meeting, all her colleagues will understand that everyone has a role to play in enhancing the overall performance of the school, and the HOF’s actions should not be viewed as personal attacks against teachers.

Case Study 2

In this case, a newly employed teacher has informed the Head of Department that she cannot go on using the current textbooks for the ICT class as they are outdated. The other two teachers in the same department do not support her sentiments. One of them feels that she is just showing off while his colleague thinks she is trying to make them work harder than usual. Moreover, the two teachers feel that since she is a newly employed teacher in the department, she has not gotten used to the job requirements, and as such, does not know what she is talking about. This situation has created a rift in the department, a situation that has led the new teacher to visit mewith the aim of sharing this information.


Having been made aware of the situation at hand, Iwill employed the high advocacy/ high inquiry model, also known as the generating technique. In this approach, all the affected parties are allowed to state their views, opinions and what they believe to be the best course of action. It is on this basis that I will ask questions that can expand my appreciation of the conflict. By asking questions relevant to the situation at hand, I can be able to understand the reasons why there is an inter-departmental rift. This will enable me to come up with the best solution.

In this case, I believe that the inter-departmental rift was caused by the fear of change among older members of the department. The reality of the matter is that all the teachers knew that the information is actually outdated. However, since they have been teaching the same outdated content for many years, they were reluctant to get updated material that could make them start all over again and spend a lot of time trying to get accustomed to it. Therefore,I will initiate a talk on how best to embrace change, and follow it up with the replacement of all the outdated teaching materials with new, updated ones. I’ll endeavor to make the protesting teachers understand that I’m doing this for the sake of the excellence of the school and not to suit the needs of the new teacher.

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