Narrative Essay


Narrative Essay Writing Assignment
Objective: A narrative essay is a story written about a personal experience. Writing a narrative essay provides an opportunity to get to know and understand you better. One of the best ways to reveal who you are is to write about how you became aware of something, gained a new way of seeing the world, a new insight.

Preparation: Read Chapter 6: The Narrative essay in your textbook “Patterns”. Also, review the lecture notes given in the unit.

Topic Selection: Write a narrative essay about an experience in your life that had a significant effect on you or that changed your views in some important way; for example, write on an experience that caused you to learn something about yourself, or write on an experience that helped you discover a principle to live by, or an incident that revealed the true character of someone you knew. 

TIPS: Develop at least a five-paragraph essay (equivalent to 600 words). Be sure to indent paragraphs and double space; use the 12-inch font, Times new roman style. If you use outside sources to prove your point, be sure to use MLA style. Do not use 2nd person pronouns (you, you’re); use 1st person pronoun. Do not use contractions (can’t, don’t).


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English 101 Paper

13 February 2016.

Learning Salsa

            Learning a skill can at times be a difficult experience. The first time one attempts a task, the choice is always between giving up and carrying forward and developing a new skill. Similarly, I experienced this when I was learning to dance salsa. Salsa requires one to have quick movements and after learning the basics steps, the speed is increased to ensure that it matches that of the songs being played. Developing skills in dancing salsa was difficult for me due to a lack of experience. In this narrative, I explain how an embarrassing incident during salsa training transformed my attitude towards life’s challenges.


            The moment I entered into the salsa class and tried the first move, I realized that this was, after all, a difficult skill to learn. Indeed, it takes time to acquire a new skill. One has to have tenacity and the will to continue doing something even when the results are initially poor. Then comes the most embarrassing moment, and the task ahead seems insurmountable. This is precisely what happened to me. At the onset of my salsa training, I fell twice while doing a full turn. These incidents attracted the attention of everyone in the dance studio at the time and I was given the name “The Falling One”. Henceforth, the most difficult step was overcoming my fear of falling again. However, I knew that I had to build a personal brand, control my perceptions, and adopt attitudinal change to succeed.

            As can be seen, personal branding is important as it gives a person a voice. Although I was afraid that I would fall and I found it difficult to keep up with the rest of my dance mates, I knew that I had to change the way everyone perceived me. This gave me the zeal to ensure that I practiced consistently and got extra lessons from some of my friends who were more experienced dancers. I had to go the extra mile to be an excellent dancer and ensure that I would be associated with dancing prowess.

            From this challenge, I learned that respect must be earned. To earn my friends’ respect, I had to drive myself to achieve success. Moreover, I needed to be develop my dance skills to overcome my fear of failure which would ultimately mean dropping out of the salsa class. Although it was difficult to master the dance, commitment to practice sessions helped me to succeed.             In conclusion, the lesson I learned from the falling incident is that going the extra mile in everything I do and changing attitude will always bring about success. Developing a skill may be difficult in the initial stages and one may experience challenges as I did. However, I did not give up although it was the easiest thing to do. I had to try one more dance routine and acquire help from experienced dancers. In the same way, when learning a new skill, acquiring help from experts will ensure that good results attained in the end. In addition to this, branding myself greatly changed the way people perceived me, and this was a crucial milestone in my pursuit of success as a salsa dancer. Everything seems difficult at the beginning until a person takes the first step to commence the execution process. Since that falling incident, I have never shied away from taking on challenges and reaching out to new achievements.

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