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Do you think the English language will kill the other languages and be as the international language for the whole world? Give your opinion and do suggest to start learning the English language in primary school?


Title: the English language will kill other languages and be the international language

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English has undoubtedly attained some form of global status since many countries continue to adopt it as their national language. The global domination of English as an international language now appears to be a reality.  Crystal indicates that English is the official or semi-official language of over 60 countries (49). It is the main language used in books, air traffic and international business, newspapers, academic conferences, airport control, technology, medicine, international competitions, pop music, advertising, and sports.


English is also the official language of the European Central Bank as well as a host of other economically significant institutions in Europe and Asia. The position of the US as the world’s reigning superpower also puts the language in a position of dominance internationally. In many ways, the language appears to be the way of the future.

There are many advantages of teaching English during an early age. Children who are exposed to the language have higher chances of accessing economic opportunities in the form of jobs and information on viable business ideas, both locally and internationally. Through early exposure to English, young people find it easy to communicate with people of diverse cultures, both locally and internationally.

There are many way ways in which English will replace all other international languages as the only medium of international communication. Different people express different views on why English will replace all other languages at the international level. Some of the most commonly cited factors include the popular culture of the American society, information and communication technology, and globalization.

In conclusion, English is poised to replace almost all the other languages that are used as media of communication at the international level. It is important to teach this language to children at an early age since it will prepare them to take full advantage of the economic and social opportunities that are available in the increasingly globalized world.

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Crystal, David English as a global language, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

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