Professional Diagnostic & Therapeutic Interventions

Type: Discussion Board 3

Unit: Professional Diagnostic & Therapeutic Interventions

Due Date: Sun, 12/2/15

Deliverable Length: 4–6 paragraph

You are now conducting the third family session with the Robertsons. The father has been ordered by the court to participate. During this session, you give each of the family members the task of writing down what they think is unhealthy about how they interact with each other. After they have finished writing their statements, they read them aloud. Marie states, “Well, when my son asks me to help him with his homework, I tell him ‘in just a minute,’ and I never get around to it. I have even fallen asleep and forgotten that he even asked for my help. When Dan is talking to me, I simply ignore him.” Peter states, “When I don’t get help from my mom with my homework, I just quit trying, and I see my mom ignore my father so I ignore him too.” Dan states, “I yell at my wife and kid all the time. I feel so angry most of the time.”
In 4–6 paragraphs, answer the following:
Describe the model of treatment that you think best applies to the Robertson family.
Describe how this model of treatment will work better for the Robertsons than the other models would.

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