Unit IV Project

InstructionsMicroaggression in the WorkplaceMicroaggressions are common in the workplace. Literally, each day there are problems, issues, and conflict at work. Microaggressions can impact a person’s ability to do their job, sense of safety, and overall happiness. This type of behavior can be detrimental to any organization and have serious consequences for employees and employers. Micro-assaults are a type of discrimination, where actions are conscious, deliberate, explicit, and intend to oppress, humiliate, or discriminate against a target.For this project, imagine that your supervisor at your place of employment asked you to create a promotional tool that can be used to share the effects of microaggressions and the company’s policy on how to handle and resolve these issues.Your promotional tool should include the following:the different types of conflict that can arise and examples of each,the ways microaggressions can appear in the workplace,the effects and costs,tips for resolving the conflicts, andyour company’s policy on conflict and ways to handle and resolve issues.Format:Feel free to be creative for this assignment. You may draft a written, essay-style response, or you may create a pamphlet with visuals. Regardless of what form you choose, you must include a minimum of two pages of written text (any images used will not count toward this total. Outside sources and APA formatting are not required for this assignment.

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