Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation

InstructionsHuman Relations PlanningConsider that the human resource manager of your employer asked for your help with creating a diversity and inclusion presentation for your peers. Create a presentation that supports, describes, explains, and details human relations planning. The presentation will cover two topics:The importance of diversity and inclusion as a norm acceptance. This section should include researched evidence of the importance of diversity, analyze the status quo of diversity, and provide relevance to an awareness of diversity and the role it plays in organizational relationships.Assisting others to change their behavior through utilizing the changing behavior model. This section should be a tool that all can use as a guide for those that may have a deficit of understanding the importance of diverse cultures and the effects of diversity in the organizational workplace.Format:You can present this assignment in one of two formats: You may create a PowerPoint presentation consisting at least 10 slides in length with audio (not including the title or reference slide), or you may create a hand copy of a poster board and record a 5-minute presentation. If you choose a PowerPoint presentation, you may record the audio directly into the slides. If you choose to record a presentation, upload the video to YouTube, and submit the link in a Word document as well as a clear picture of your poster board and references.Regardless of which presentation option you select, include visual representations as well as researched evidence to support your claims. Consider your audience as your peers, so tailor the presentation to fit their needs. The audio should serve as a guide to inform others of the importance of diversity and inclusion and what to do if one needs to gain knowledge in changing their behavior to acceptance.Include a minimum of two outside sources in your presentation. One must be from the CSU Online Library. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.

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