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hello buddy this is what the teacher send in the sylabus
Throughout the summer semester, you should be working on an independent project outside of what we are working on in class. The subject of this project is up to the student, but will be approved by the professor. The final version of this project will be a combination of a paper (similar to the unit papers above) and a presentation that they can share with their fellow classmates online (powerpoint, video, etc…). Students will discuss their topics and goals with the professor early on in the semester.
this is what the teacher send for me today regrading the project or the essay
“I would definitely say that including more international leaders as well as American would make for a nice project. You could do some cool comparisons. You are always welcome to do movies that are not in English, even though I have never probably seen them :)”
Ok buddy we can conform the movies soon we said tow Americans and one African and two are Arabic right?
Gmal abd alnasser
saad zaglol
We can discuss about them more
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