Yahoo change management: How Mayer changed Yahoo’s culture

The paper should be about Yahoo change management and how Mayer changed Yahoo’s culture. the paper should focus on Marissa Mayer change initiatives since she became the CEO of Yahoo in 2012.
General instructions:
The paper should be about a change (within the previous few years) such as restructuring, merger and acquisition, downsizing, leadership or strategic change, for analysis. The analysis should include:
1. The reasons and justification for the organizational change;
2. The barriers and drivers to the change initiative. Was there resistance to the change? Approaches used to mitigate resistance forces internal and external;
3. The approach or strategy adopted to implement the change;
4. The impact of the change on the most important stakeholders (employees, shareholders, Board of Directors, customers, media, etc.);
5. Recommendations and alternative perspectives for future change initiatives;
6. Your own learning as a graduate student and/or prospective change leader and what you would have done differently.

Points regarding paper:
• Do not follow the outline topic points above in order or in detail — they are meant only as a guidance for types of issues to address in the paper; you do not have to address every point
• TELL A STORY: Change is always a story; make the process / threats / issues / resolutions (if any) come alive for the reader
• FOCUS: While broad background statement may be necessary to set the stage, keep the introductions short; the papers are not enterprise history reports. An in depth discussion of one or two aspects of the change is preferred to a high level overview.
• Use CM theory and research to support your arguments, but carefully and judiciously; do not just follow one set of arguments from a single theory and or proscriptive approach
o Be sure however to cite multiple sources besides the text, Managing Organizational Chang.
• Let the reader hear YOUR voice and opinions (albeit backed up with facts and references)
• Go out on a limb with your forecasts and assessments (these do not need to be referenced)
This book should be one of the source : Palmer Ian, Dunford Richard & Akin Gib. 2009. Managing Organizational Change.

Irwin-Hall McGraw Hill: McGraw-Hill Education, 2nd edition. ISBN: 978-0-07-340499-8

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